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With “Pro Fit by E-Ducato”, developed by Fiat Professional and the e-Mobility team, selecting your own configuration is easy and efficient

The e-Mobility team have developed web tools and apps, with the aim of creating useful services and projects for clients to come into the world of electrification stress-free, together with Fiat Professional experts.

How can we convince those who are still doubtful about whether the electric version of the Ducato has disadvantages over the version with an internal combustion engine, and the potential best-in-class savings instead? The experts from Fiat Professional and Stellantis e-Mobility have worked in close collaboration to create a functional web tool, designed for anyone interested – specifically addressed to fleet managers and freelancers – to find out about the advantages of the new electric version of the Ducato. It offers a more convenient guide in choosing the most suitable version of the E-Ducato for every business need.

This is “Pro Fit by E-Ducato”, a free web tool available at https://profitbyeducato.com/#/login, the development of which followed the summer 2020 launch of the Fiat and Jeep pre-sales apps, GOe and GO 4xe.

The e-Mobility team has developed Pro Fit as part of their work to raise awareness of electrified vehicles and how to use them. It now continues to develop a series of projects to bring together partners, products and interdisciplinary services from a variety of markets, to make the new vehicles easier to use for clients who go for them. Any issues can therefore be transformed into opportunities, reducing the anxiety and concerns that can be caused by the transition to electric, in both individual clients and those who use their vehicles for work.

Taking the latter as a starting point, Pro Fit by E-Ducato was designed with a more professional aim in mind. It has been made as a veritable simulator: to start off, all you need to do is sign up on the landing page on the web and tell us about your current fleet of commercial vehicles with internal combustion engines, indicating the type of vehicle you use (body, wheelbase, height, etc.) and selecting the usage (route, mileage, operating temperature, etc.) for each one. After that and once you have activated the simulation, Pro Fit recommends the ideal composition of your new electric fleet by indicating the most suitable E-Ducato configurations for the user’s business. Like its counterparts with an internal combustion engine, the electric version of the best-selling commercial vehicle in Europe also offers a wide range of configuration options, to provide clients with a vehicle perfectly tailored to their business.

Established 40 years ago and constantly refreshed and revitalized by its commercial successes and technological breakthroughs, a full-electric version of the Ducato is about to be launched, to guarantee continuity during the technology transition (from combustion engines to electric motors), with similar performance yet at a comparable cost, over a five-year period of usage. In addition to a full line-up of versions, the E-Ducato also offers a modular choice of battery size, with ranges from 235 to 370 km, in the typical cycle of a city-based delivery mission in normal environmental conditions.

It also comes with high-potential performance, with a focus on the Ducato’s strength: best-in-class load volume from 10 to 17 m3, with a similarly best-in-class payload of up to 1,950 kg. The new E-Ducato is easy to use and takes no prisoners: 100% Ducato, 100% Electric.

As well as taking no prisoners and being easy to use, it is also Pro Fit. Once you have created your fleet in the web tool, it is easy and guidance is provided for you to enter the information required: mileage, type of route, working days and weeks, average payload, usage mix, usage temperature and the charging slots available.

When the simulation has been set up, Pro Fit recommends the most suitable E-Ducato configurations available, and indicates each one’s expected performance against client requirements. It provides insight into whether the range is sufficient, the extent of annual savings, whether the charging slots indicated are consistent with the mission, and more.

All these parameters are also updated in real time, according to the features of the charger and battery selected. Graphics designed ad-hoc offer a rapid overview of the effect of your selection on expected performance.

But the opportunities offered by Pro Fit go further. Rather than simulating the mission on the basis of generic input, you can activate tracking of your fleet of vehicles with internal combustion engines from a smartphone. All you need to do so is to download the dedicated “Pro Fit by E-Ducato” app, available free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

Once you have configured your fleet in the web tool, simply activate the Pro Fit by E-Ducato app in each vehicle, which sends mission data to the web tool of the same name. These data are gathered using GPS and the accelerometer in the smartphone, and are immediately saved in the back-end of the website. Using this information, Pro Fit processes the data and provides a list of the electric solutions recommended, with estimates of financial savings.

According to Domenico Gostoli, Electrification Programs Manager at Fiat Professional, “the E-Ducato is Fiat’s first zero-emissions commercial vehicle. It represents a new mobility solution and a turning point in our history. It could therefore only be accompanied by innovative solutions that enable our clients to approach electric mobility free of any anxiety or concerns resulting from the transition from vehicles with internal combustion engines to ones with zero emissions.”

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