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Orders kick off for Fiat Professional’s innovative E-Ducato, the electric version of the benchmark vehicle on the market

Orders are open for the new E-Ducato, the full-electric, fully connected version of the Fiat Professional best seller, the most popular commercial vehicle in Europe in 2020. It guarantees continuity in the technology transition with similar performance, at a comparable cost.

Orders open today for the new E-Ducato, Fiat Professional’s first full-electric model, designed for road first and last mile transportation. This model guarantees rapid distribution services in the city and ‘near-urban’ areas, focused on reliability and most of all on sustainability, by reducing emissions into the atmosphere.The vehicle’s arrival in dealerships and early deliveries are scheduled from late March onwards.

The E-Ducato offers a full line-up of versions and a modular choice of battery size, with ranges from 235 to 370 km in the urban cycle (WLTP City Cycle), in the typical cycle of a city-based delivery “mission” in normal environmental conditions, depending on battery size. It also comes with high-potential performance, with a focus on the Ducato’s strength: best-in-class load volume from 10 to 17 m3, with a similarly best-in-class payload of up to 1,910 kg. The new E-Ducato takes no prisoners: 100% Ducato, 100% Electric. On top of these winning features, the new E-Ducato adds others that make it the benchmark in its segment in terms of both technical specifications and the completeness of the line-up. For example, it offers two batteries, up to 370 km of range in the city, and best-in-class payload in both the 3.5-ton versions compared to its competitors, and in real terms, the 4.25-ton versions providing 1.9 tons of usable payload. Three different AC battery chargers are also available (6.7, 11 and 22 kW, the latter due to become available at a later date), with the option of DC Fast Charge, which can be included in all three AC battery chargers. The line-up includes Van versions from 10 to 17 m3, Cab vehicles in 4 different lengths, and People Carriers (available at a later date), to cover almost all missions (85%).
Finally, the new E-Ducato offers an 8-year or 160,000-km warranty for the 47-kWh battery, or 10 years/220,000 km for the 79-kWh variant.

A full-electric model, due to conquer the market with a winning strategy

E-Ducato is also “easy to sell, easy to buy”: it can be configured just like any Ducato by building your own price and pack options, of course with specific electrification-related features in addition to those of a conventional vehicle. The electric version will guarantee continuity during the transition from combustion engines to electric motors, with similar performance yet at a comparable cost, over a five-year period of usage. Its performance is also best-in-class, in terms of both load volume and payload, and the warranty on its batteries (for up to 10 years or 220,000 km). Let alone the fact that the new Fiat Professional vehicle offers the Mopar® Connect system as standard, with 6 months of services included. Finally, low depreciation over time and reduced servicing and repair costs truly make it the ideal choice for all professionals seeking innovative and sustainable solutions in the freight transportation sector.

A wide range of benefits included in the price

The van price list ranges from €60,800 for the 3.5-ton Medium Wheelbase version (payload of 10 m3), to €65,000 for the 3.5-ton Extra Long Wheelbase and Super-High Roof version. Alternatively, the cab vehicles start at €60,300 for the 3.5-ton Medium Wheelbase version. Vehicles fitted with a 79-kWh battery also include an 11-kW battery charger to ensure you can complete all your deliveries in one day, including those out of town. In the launch phase, 5 years of routine maintenance and a 5-year vehicle warranty are also included in the price. E-Ducato is also “easy to sell, easy to buy”: it acts just like a conventional Ducato in terms of building the price and the pack options. It also includes electric-specific features.

Winning TCO

Special attention has been paid to Total Cost of Ownership: with lower running costs and purchase incentives, it substantially achieves parity in its main missions with a Ducato with an internal combustion engine. To give only one example, the E-Ducato offers real-world fuel savings of approximately €15,000 on a comparable diesel version running 150,000 km, with servicing costs over 40% lower than a similarly sized diesel commercial vehicle.

PRO-FIT by e-Ducato app

The experts from Fiat Professional and Stellantis e-Mobility have worked in close collaboration to create a functional web tool, designed for anyone interested – specifically addressed to fleet managers and freelancers – to find out about the advantages of the new electric version of the Ducato. It offers a more convenient guide in choosing the most suitable version of the E-Ducato for every business need. This is “Pro Fit by E-Ducato”, a free web tool available at https://profitbyeducato.com/#/login, the development of which followed the summer 2020 launch of the Fiat and Jeep pre-sales apps, GOe and GO 4xe. Once you have created your fleet in the web tool, it is easy and guidance is provided for you to enter the information required: mileage, type of route, working days and weeks, average payload, usage mix, usage temperature and the charging slots available. Even better, the configuration tool can be used with real-world data gathered via the app. This new feature will also enable light commercial vehicle fleet managers to simulate the use of a full-electric fleet, aiming at increasingly sustainable and environment-friendly urban and suburban mobility. At the same time, it also offers higher performance and can meet the needs of businesses and employees.

“Numbers”, the new E-Ducato digital campaign

Before orders kicked off came the “Numbers” digital campaign, looking at Fiat Professional’s electric project in a series of episodes, which highlight the work of the in-house teams who designed and built the vehicle, supported by data gathered over many years of research.
Produced by the Sapient creative agency (Publicis Group), the series has already reached more than two million users in six European countries on the main digital platforms. It consists of 4 videos that illustrate the genesis of the vehicle and use numbers to explain in a concrete way how the E-Ducato fits perfectly into every client’s mission.
The web series is available on Fiat Professional’s digital channels. The YouTube playlist can be found here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFWzDDNRCgk72K6k7kViwlIahmt52vna5

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