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Daimler Buses at the 11th Electric Bus Conference of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV)

On 4 and 5 February, Mercedes-Benz will be presenting holistic, sustainable solutions for electromobility with city buses.

On 4 and 5 February, Mercedes-Benz will be presenting holistic, sustainable solutions for electromobility with city buses, at the 11th VDV Electric Bus Conference in Berlin. Experts from transport companies from all over Germany meet up at this event, known to insiders by its abbreviation ElekBu.

With the help of an eCitaro with fully electric drive produced in-house in series, Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating the state of vehicle technology for locally emission-free transport. As the only electric bus to date, the eCitaro will even bear the coveted “Blue Angel” eco badge. This is to certify the eco-friendliness of the eCitaro and the sustainable way towards locally emission-free public transport. The Blue Angel is an environmental label awarded in Germany since 1978 for particularly environmentally friendly products and services.

The eCitaro is part of the overall eMobility system from Mercedes-Benz. It is composed of a number of modules and it takes into account the electricity supply, charging infrastructure, route planning, telematics systems, service concepts and staff training.

An important component is the eMobility service concept from the Omniplus service brand, which is presenting the Omniplus On digital customer platform with its wide range of services in Berlin. These are particularly significant to electromobility due to the currently limited range of electric buses. The Omniplus On SignalStore was recently launched in this context. Transport companies can use it to book vehicle data in the form of data packages and integrate them directly into their own ITCS system (Intermodal Transport Control System / computer-assisted operations control system) or fleet management system – a cutting advantage for managing the company, the depot and route planning.

The eCitaro on display is another example of the service, which the overall eMobility system provides: it serves as a training vehicle at the model workshop in the Dortmund training centre of the Omniplus service brand. Transport companies can use this outstanding facility to gain information about a workshop for high-voltage technology for electric vehicles. Additionally, employees of transport companies are trained here with a specially developed qualification concept.

With the overall eMobility system, Daimler Buses provides sustainable, innovative solutions for locally emission-free mobility with buses in cities and towns. Eco-friendly public transport helps to keep the air clean and enhance the quality of life.

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